Sunday, 31 July 2016

July Wrap Up

This month I got through 5 books and on little 60 page short story.
I didn't get through all my TBR but to be honest I set a few too many that I could manage and I read one that wasn't on my July TBR

First I read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Link to review here)
I was very excited to read this book and whilst it wasn't actually anything like I thought it would be I really enjoyed this book and found it to keep me on my toes right when I need it to. I will be reading the second book next month

I then read While My Eyes Were Closed (link to review here)
I had started to really feel like I wanted to read some suspense and this had gotten really good reviews and the synopsis interested me and it was exactly what I needed. I couldn't put it down.

After that I read The Ocean at the End of the Land (llink to review here)
I really want to try and read all of Neil Gaiman's books! This one was so easy to read and it really touched some nostalgia for me just being a kid and seeing things as magical and surreal but in this book it's all real and at some points scary but it's a good 'good vs evil' book that involves kids having to be brave and those were the kind of movies I grew up on so I love reading books like that as an adult

Once I was done with that I gave Kindred Spirits- the short story- by Rainbow Rowell. Quick read;
this book was only something like 60 plus pages.  I really liked it. I says on the front it's for 'adult readers' I'm not sure why because any age- and most likely YA or teens- would read this and like this story most. I liked it because it's a short story of a girl waiting in line to see the new stars wars movie and makes friends with two guys. Shorts, sweet, Star Wars.

Following that I started reading Eleanor and Park also by Rainbow Rowell. I was lured in by 'asian guy, red haired girl, in the 80's' and that was it. I didn't really even know what the rest was. Again, like with all the RR books I've read so far, very sweet, relatable. Nothing major really happens but its stuff you can identify with and that in itself can be a big deal. I found myself likening Eleanor to who I was at her age. Review for this book to come....

Throughout July I was listening to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on audio. I love these audios so much, I love Stephen Fry. I have to make sure I really pay attention because its easy to just imagine the films and I don't want to do that I want my own versions as much as I can. I'm liking how much.. I dunno.. cooler? Harry actually is. In the films- or the first one at least- I kind of saw Harry as just being quite meek and feeble so when he would stand up for himself it seemed a little out of character and I did struggle to envision anyone of Harry's character to be able to do that but in the book he's witty, sarcastic and you just get I different vibe from him. Or I do at least. Listening to these on Audio are perfect for me because I give myself the whole of the month to get through them and they're perfect for when I'm busy cleaning or on the bus.

What have you read this month?


  1. Well done on reading so many this month, I personally can't get into Harry Potter. Really want to read some of Rainbow Rowell's books though. Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

  2. Loved The Ocean at the End of the Lane; absolutely brilliant! I recently read The Spice Mistress which was pretty good, it was very different. I'm intrigued by Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children... I like the title!

  3. I'm about due to reread the Harry Potter series. It's been too long.

  4. I'm about due to reread the Harry Potter series. It's been too long.