Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Before The Problem started, Malorie lived with her sister Shannon. Shannon begins to notice the news reporting strange things happening in other countries till it eventually reaches their own. Reports on people acting crazy, killing and committing suicide and no one knows why except to it seems then that when you see something in particular it sends you crazy. At the same time Malorie discovers she is pregnant from a one night stand... and she has no idea the kind of world she will have to raise her baby in
This was such a good read for me. The chapters were short but it didn't feel like too much toing and frowing at all. It was enough to keep me interested because I wasn't just reading the same chapter for prolonged periods of time.
There was a lot of suspension, you weren't too sure which way the book was going to go. How the characters were going to make it. Theories about the what was happening and why making your mind try and search for an answer.
I found it hard to keep this book sat down for very long and read it within 32 hours. Something about it just kept me wanting more. Tension, the world bought to it's feet, and unknown monster/creature to fear, a strong female protagonist. It has a lot going for it!
Finishing the book I felt like I just read through a journey, an adventure. Grant it, not a very nice one at all giving what the story is about but throughout it I was questioning "would I do this?" "Could I handle this?" "Is what she is doing/has done by the children right?" It really had me thinking.
Better than just the bog standard apocalypse stories which most likely include one or two zombies, this was about something else and such a brilliant original idea. To have to try and go through life practically blind so as not to see the thing that could likely make you mad.

If you are a fan of the apocalypse-style stories then I recommend this for you.

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  1. I am adding this to my wish list! Sounds fab!

  2. I really would like to read this book now!! Also, I like the fact it's short chapters :D xx

  3. Plenty of suspense. Sounds a good read #readwithme