Sunday, 9 October 2016

Review : Every Everything

Meet Maddy- an 18 year old girl who loves to read, watch movies, and play board games with her mum. Oh and she suffers from a rare disease that means she's allergic to almost everything. Maddy doesn't mind, she's lived her life the way she always has and doesn't know any different. That is of course until a boy becomes involved. Then life gets tricky. Very tricky. Is she willing to risk everything for this boy? For a chance to live just for once in her life?

Every Everything is a young adult contemporary fiction story and if you've read any of those before then you'll be family with what to expect in this story. Teenager. Some kind of obscure problem. Love. Seeing life through rose tinted glasses and all that jazz
But actually this book is very pleasant. It's a quick read and the style of the story switches itself up just enough to keep your attention- you'll be reading the story from Maddie's thoughts, then it will switch to IM messages between her and friends, then it'll include little drawings she's done and some funny little references and 'spoiler' reviews for books which are only a sentence long, so the book appears to be much longer than it actually is
There's a lot of different sections to this story, it starts off one way, then works to something, then springs onto the next thing then bamboozles you with something else entirely. Very entertaining. Light hearted. Fluffy.
Although there were a few moments I found myself really relating to this character, clutching onto my chest gasping 'OH... I FEEL YOUR PAIN GURL'
It's definitely a book for fans of YA.

If you're looking for an easy read that is sweet but also has a little bit more bite in it (I'm referring to nearer the end of this book, which isn't a spoiler, because of course something is going to happen towards the end of any book!) then I would recommend this.

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  1. I really loved this book and you summed it up perfectly! It does have a bit of a bite towards the end of the book & I really enjoyed it! Can't wait for Nicola Yoons next book :) xx

  2. aaa this on my TBR list!! Making me want to read it more. Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe