Monday, 31 July 2017

The reading slump of all slumps

Pretty much this whole year so far- that's 7 months- I've had such a reading slump. I've picked up books and not finished them. There was the odd book back in may/june that I did read (The Butterfly Garden) but since then... nope. However in the last week I've managed to read four books! I am hoping that is me back on the reading train but I will wait to see what happens

Sometimes it's just so hard to know what to do read. Right now I really want to read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman but at the same time, do I really want to read that? I do this to myself. I second guess if I want to read this. I do the same with movies now. Get 10 minutes into a film and decide 'yeah I don't think I want to put 2 hours of my life into this movie' it's dumb because I aint going to be doing much else in those two hours!

I tried all the Get Yourself Out of a Reading Slump 101s you could think of. Read little and often, read short books, read short stories, reread a favourite book, read some easy YA, go on booktube, bookstagram, twitter, etc. Nothing was really working.
Sometimes you are in a proper dead end slump and their just isn't anything you can do about it. What I've found with me what took me out of my slump was read this scary-true-story-ghost book and it kept me on my toes straight from the start I literally read it in a day. So maybe I could suggest trying a book that has reviews that states 'thrilling from the start' and the like. Books that are going to take a couple of chapters or more to get into, you aint going to get past that first chapter! it needs to be WHAM BAM, SORRY WAS THAT THE WRONG HOLE, MAM? In your face, grips you, ties you in and keeps you in.
Also I watched some 24 hour readathons on youtube and that really got me in the mood to read just to see how much I could read in a short space of time and I managed to read The Forgetting Time and got about half way through Alice by Christina Henry in that time (although I wasn't actually doing a 24 hour readathon, i just found the idea of it motivating)

As for my blog I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it. Not sure if I will keep it going. I like having a book blog, writing my reviews, posting up my hauls and TBRs that I never keep to lololol. 

I guess I'll see how my reading goes for now. Build up a catalogue of reviews for now and maybe have it back up to frequent posting again soon.

On the plus side I've saved a lot of money not buying as many books so far this year, and I did an unhaul when I moved house woo!

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  1. I second guess myself too when it comes to books! Reading is hard to get back into but I don't know why because I enjoy reading so much! I hope you keep your blog, I enjoy reading your reviews xx