Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Book recommendation: A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Coleman

I don't think this book is very well known at all, I didn't even know this book existed until one of my very close friends was telling me she was reading this and how much she loved it and that I should give it a go

So I did.. and .. wow... I loved it. I really can't tell you too much about this book, I can't give much of a review of this book without giving away the plot. I read this book not knowing at all what this book is about and to be honest I think that's the best way to read it. You can tell early on where the book is heading and it's not so much a spoiler to even mention it here but I feel like I enjoyed it more because I didn't know where it was heading

So the story starts off with this beautiful blond haired Norwiegen 5 year old boy named Rune moving into a house in America and meets his new neighbour- a girl of his age, Poppy, and they start a friendship. When Poppy is 8 years old her grandmother who she sees as one of her best friends passes away and she shows Poppy a jar with lots of little paper inside and she explains to her that each of the pieces papers are all the best ever kisses she ever gotten- all 1000 of them. She gives Poppy the jar and tells her to spend her life filling it.
After this Poppy and Rune kiss and from then on they are inseparable- until they are both 17 and Runes father tells him that work has moved him back to Norway and they have to leave the next morning. Angry and heartbroken Rune vows he will never forgive his father for making him leave Poppy behind and it's from this point their story heads into life changing challenges.

I really enjoyed the writing for this book. It was very beautiful. Had I read this a couple of years ago I would have probably vomited from how 'lovey dovey' is it and, at times, quite corny, but reading it now I absolutely loved it. I loved being submerged in the story and I read this book so quick. And yes.. there was a few tears in there along the way!

If you are a young adult romance contemporary fiction fan then this book is for you. Get all over this book, I urge you. You may find this book very similar to another book... you will know which book I am talking about when you read it, but try not to hate on it just for that reason and enjoy. It's not as good as.. said book I am talking about (are you intrigued yet?) but to be honest whilst there are some parts which are very similar it is different- the writing style, the romance- all very different.

Come back here and let me know if you read it and if you loved it, if you hated it, what parts you hated, what parts you loved, or if you just thought it 'meh... yeah it was alright...'

But give it a try and see what you think.

(I may have gotten the ages in the timeline wrong... I've read a few books since this one and I struggled even remember their names lol!)
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  1. I LOVED this book... ha as you already know lol! I also recommend everyone reads this book. Honestly, I think this book is going to stay with me forever because I still think about it... a couple of months later.
    Great post. xx

  2. This has been one of my favourite reads this year, I cried a lot!! Thanks so much for sharing with #ReadWithMe