Sunday, 10 July 2016

Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell has certainly made a stamp in the YA genre and her books usually get a great amount of buzz and hype all over the interwebz. I myself am now intrigued to read many if not all her books. Since I already had this one my kindle, I decided to give this one a try. I'd heard a lot of hype about this book and I'll follow the hype  to lead me to a possible good read.

Fangirl has been an odd one for me. I can see why young adults and teenagers would instantly LOVE this straight from the off. For me... it's not been quite that straight forward.  I have found this book enjoyable, and the characters have been developed well and the situations are very relatable. I can't say I really loved any of the characters. I liked them enough to stay interested.
 This is a story is literally just about a girl's life and it feels real. I like that. She's started uni and feels out of place, she's 'weird' because her hobbies are not something typical for her age (welcome to my whole life LOL), she's very shy, likes to keep to herself and submerge herself in a fantasy life (.. again.. hello me..)  she's got trouble  with her sister, her dad, her mum, she got boy trouble... it's all just.. well. RELATABLE. Thats the main word here so I can totally see why many young adults really like this book.
 I can see myself rereading this book at another point in my life when I'd probably submerge myself in it completely. I think that's the only thing that's holding me back from loving  it is that I'm not feeling the 'submerge' with this book. Things such as... "I've read 18 chapters and I'm only 50 percent through this book... and I can't even really tell you what happened for 40 percent of it..." is what is hanging this book back for me. It's quite a long book. I felt like there was parts in there that didn't have to be there. I wasn't a huge fan of the excerpts of the fan fiction either. After a while, I just started skipping those parts entirely. (Rowell has since bought out a book called Carry On which is the story that featured in Fangirl- it might be worth reading Carry On before you read this book)
However, contradictory to what I just said, because this is a story which doesn't just follow one road of life, it takes you down most roads of her life you can understand why all these bits are in there because it does explain and develop later parts of the story.
It's a sweet story, not too heavy, and I definitely recommend it if you're a fan of contemporary YA books.

I find it hard to rate this book because half of me REALLY enjoyed this book and the half was a bit 'meh' by it... but mostly I did enjoy it so I give this 4 our of 5 stars.


  1. I don't know if I'll read this book or not to be honest. Perhaps when I've got through a lot of other books I really want to read! I do love the covers of Rainbow Rowell though, such pretty books :) xx

  2. I haven't tried the YA genre and to be honest, I have so many books on my wishlist, I don't think I have time to expand my reading genres. But the covers do make them look inviting #readwithme